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Maik Taylor

Dec 09, 2013#1

this forum is currently Open but closed to new membership, however there is still a thriving community on here and on our chatbox and on Cresta's Emerald Irish Football forum

we are continuously still updating the side bars (***see below)

this forum was closed to all new and non posting members on the day after the Brighton game 12/01/2014, from that moment most members were given a guest account or non posting (excluding admin and a select few), meaning you will be able to sign in but not see any sections.

All new registrations are deleted, signing up does not give you access to anything.

the chatbox remains active to send messages to former members about another forum we run (Emerald / Blues Chat) links are in the forum

I'd like to thank everyone that has contributed to the forum over the past four years since 2011 when this forum started and then the semi closure in 2014.

***the sections on the side will remain active for an indefinite period and are being edited by a select few members

if you have any questions regarding this forum, please contact us in the first instance on the following email (Please allow 72 hours for a reply but you will get a reply)

all scripts, images and emoticons remain the property of this forum.
Non Posters, please read the rules because you are required to post on this forum